Jhon Bellizia


Back Story & Discography


I have always loved music.  Some of my earliest memories are of my grandparents singing to me.  As a kid growing up I would sing made up songs and bang on stuff with sticks.  What kinda stuff?  Anything really... trees, things I found in the junkyard, lazy boy recliners (great low end thud, not much sustain).  

  I began playing music in Junior High.  I went to a friends house, and he got out a guitar and played and sang a song.   A few minutes later his dad got home from work and joined in on the mandolin, I was mesmerized.  I had never seen anything like that on such a first hand basis.  They graciously showed me a few chords and I was hooked. From the moment I had a guitar in my hands I was experimenting with sounds; sliding my fingers up and down the strings, thumping on the body, and making up little diddy’s.   I spent more and more time at that house in the following years.  On weekends brothers and cousins would come to the house for dinner and back porch jam sessions.   I was taught to play along with the family; most of the songs they played were country and bluegrass standards, but there were a few rock tunes and originals as well.  


My natural tendencies have always favored making things up.  Most of my early music was experimental in nature.  I never wanted to learn too much musical formality, fearful that it would crush my creativity.  After I realized that knowledge is a good thing, I learned the nuts and bolts of music, and enhanced my repertoire.  Still I maintained my affinity for experimental and improvised music, and continued to pursue it.  Life gives you many unexpected turns in the road along the way, and the kid sittin' and pickin' on Donny’s porch years ago could not have imagined the person I have become.   With experience and education my music has merged toward the middle of the road, but who knows what turns may lie ahead.  Thank you for taking the time to read my story and becoming a part of it.  


Band:  Cattywampus
Style:  avant/jazz/grunge
Jhon Bellizia:  drums/vox
Performances:  in Pittsburgh and Cleveland
Recordings: the song, Annihilator, featured on "Litmus Test" the best of Pittsburgh underground album 1993 

Worked as a garbage man while learning to read music.



Attended the University of Pittsburgh, graduated in ‘98.                      

Performed with the Javanese Gamelan ensemble, jazz guitar ensemble, and the classical guitar ensemble.


Band: Cattywampus
Style: avant/punk/jam band
Jhon Bellizia: guitar/percussion/sampler/vox  
Performances:  on both the east and west coast  
Recordings:  The Cattywampus Quartet (minus one) E.P. and The Double Album



Sir Jhon - punkgrass. Gigs nationally. 

Self titled album '06.

Band:  Roberta Chevrette
Style:  singer/songwriter
Jhon Bellizia:  banjo, percussion, steel guitar
Performances:  Northwestern U.S., with some national touring, festivals, radio, and t.v.
Recordings:  Woman, Mother, Earth, Sky '04 and Miss America ‘06
Band:  Ken Burnett and Mandolin Avenue
Style:  folk/americana/jam band
Jhon Bellizia:  banjo
Performances:  Northern California  
Part time member of the eclectic rotating line-up
Band:  Abandon Theory
Style:  Hobo Ska
Jhon Bellizia:  bass, banjo, guitar, percussion, samples.
Performances:  Toured regionally and nationally
Recordings:   No Such Thing ’04, As Perfection '08, It Is  ‘10,                                                      Acoustic (unobtainable) '14, Live at the Drive-In '16


Band:  Be Brave Bold Robot
Style:  indie folk rock
Jhon Bellizia:  part time member on banjo
Performances:  Northern California, with some national shows
Recordings:  Self titled album ’07, Take a Deep Breath  ‘10


Band:  Phillip Flathead
Style:  folk/singer/songwriter
Jhon Bellizia:  banjo and percussion
Performances:  Sacramento and Davis California
Recordings:  Four-Track Mind ‘05


Band:  Estrum
Style:  Progressive/Melodic/Metal
Jhon Bellizia:  bass, samples
Performances:  Texas (Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio)
Recordings:  A Comforting Psychosis ‘08
Band:  Jenn Leonhardt
Style:  Singer Songwriter
Jhon Bellizia:  banjo, percussion
Performances:  Austin, TX
Band:  Trainwreck Revival
Style:  gritty country rock
Jhon Bellizia:  bass, banjo
Performances:  Northern California


Band:  Arden Park Roots
Style:  Reggae/Rock
Jhon Bellizia:  bass
Performances:  Northern California


Band:  One-Eyed Doll
Style:  punk/sludge/pop/metal
Jhon Bellizia:  bass and banjo
Performances:  Regional and National touring
Recordings:   The single, Weed, recorded at Sylvia Massey's studio


Band:  Pleasure to Burn
Style:  prog rock/alt. metal
Jhon Bellizia:  bass
Performances:  Asheville, NC & regional touring of the South East
Recordings:  demo E.P.,  Debut album in the recording process